Just an ordinary bloke with a bit of spare time

The Moonbase Alpha Commander’s uniform looks very simple but it tricky to get right as it has heavy zips running down the sleeve and trouser leg but is worth a bit of effort as it looks good and is really easy to wear. It’s the one costume where having a saggy bum is screen accurate! Made from a mushroom sweatshirt materiel with charcoal trim and sleeve to my own patterns. The belt is made from imitation leather and the stun gun and commlock are made from the excellent Century Castings kits. This was an extremely complex costume to make but I will break it down into parts Helmet: Made from foam sheets (actually sports mats) with a Chinese knock off bell helmet visor. Neck Rings: Flat foam covered in materiel Suit: Nylon materiel padded out and sewn up to an altered boiler suit patter, White zips added to inner arms and legs. Gloves: Plasticard wrist connectors with magnet attachments and gardening gloves. Front/back pack: Card clad in plasticcard.
Space 1999