Scratch building a Blake’s 7 Liberator model

A while ago I made a Federation Pursuit Ship from some of my old insulin pens and I had been meaning to try and make the stunning Liberator to go with it.

I decided that I would like to include some of my insulin parts to keep the theme going so started with using the covers that come with the needletips to make parts of the three arms that come out from the main body.

For the thin needle type prongs I used precision styrene glue needle tips for the cones at the front of the arms.

The main body was a clear tube that a paintbrush came in and the front of the main body was the handle of the brush

The pylons were made from sheet styrene as was some of the detail and the vanes.

Once assembled it looked quite good, if not screen accurate then at least suggesting the famous craft. Premiered in white and then weathered I picked out panel detail in shades of grey and used old decals from other models as detail.

I am very pleased with how this one came out.

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